“Photographer of the Month - Photographer of the Year”

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum organizes a photography conteston the topic "Photographer of the Month-Photographer of the Year" It is about visitors’ photos of the Museum spaceandits exhibits (birds, animals, mushrooms, dioramas).

The contest starts 1/2/2020 and ends 31/1/2021.


Contest terms& conditions

1. Every visitor has the right to mail a photograph taken from the Museum that is accompanied by his full personal details.

2. The photos and the names of their consignors are posted on our Facebook page.

3. Anyone can vote the photo they like best by "like" button and promote it by "share" button. This is how the "Photographer of the Month" emerges.

4. The voting for the photo of the Month lasts until the 10th of the following month (ex. for September, we vote until 10 of October). After that date we cannot vote for this month.

5. The photos selected during the 12-month contest will compete again with each other for one month on the Museum's Facebook page to emerge the "Photographer of the Year".

6. Participation in the contest means that the Museum is granted the right to use your photograph.

7. Each month the winner receives a gift that is announced at the beginning of the respective month. It consists either of gifts that are offered from companies, or Museum products, souvenirs, free entry cards and more.

8. The Photographer of the Year will receive as a gift a Samsung Galaxy A30s mobile phone that is offered by GERMANOS, Kalampaka store, Dimitris Karagiannis.

9. Specifically for February, the winner will receive a Lenovo Tab E77”(8GB) tablet that is offered by“Perkas – Electronet” in Trikala, which we warmly thank and a free Family Museum card worth 25€.

10. Residents of Greece have the right to participate, while Museum employees, as well as first-degree relatives and spouses are excluded.

11. The Museum may, at its sole discretion, cancel any participation that is considered an illegal promotion technique, fraud or unfair interference by the participant or a third party in general.

12. The Museum shall not be liable in the event of any technical reason that makes it impossible to obtain and register a membership in the system of the Website.

13. The Museum has the right to modify these terms and conditions, including the duration, by updating this information through its website.

14. Participation in the competition implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms.

We expect your photos!