The Museum gained a new award, and the seventh in a row for 2020, in Lighting Awards 2020. Along with Interactive Light Designs (ILD) won the BRONZE award for the new part of the Mushroom Museum in the Cultural Category. 

ILD is a company located in Larissa and applied the new technology of “Spatial Augmented Reality” in the Museum’s new part.

This new innovative technology is used for the first time in a Greek museum and is based on color pixel mapping, such as on the projection of graphics on a multi-level surface by a projection machine (multiplayer projection mapping).

In this way, the new part of the Mushroom Museum, which has as its object the nutritional value of mushrooms, is highlighted through a feast of colors, which makes the museum experience unique.

In our effort the contribution of Ms. Olga Gortzi, Professor of Food Chemistry at the University of Thessaly and Scientific Director of the Project, Mr. Theodoros Rantos, CEO of Interactive Light Designs, and Mr. Giorgos Konstantinidis, President of the Greek Mushroom Society and author of many books about mushrooms, was valuable.