With a delay of about a year, due to the pandemic, the new wing of the Mushroom Museum, which refers to the medicinal and nutritional value of mushrooms, was presented yesterday to representatives of institutions. The event was honored by the presence of the MP Mr. A. Lioutas, the Mayor of Meteora Mr. T. Alekos, the Mayor of Trikala Mr. D. Papastergiou, the Deputy Regional Governor Mr. K. Bardas, the director of the office of Mr. Skrekas, Mr. S. Sakkas, as well as all the agents of the area.

The Director of the Museum, Mr. N. Pallas, welcomed the guests at the event. Then the professor of the University of Thessaly Mrs. O. Gortzis, who was the scientific director of the project, referred to "the cooperation of the Museum with the University of Thessaly, an important step of which is this specific wing", while Mr. G. Konstantinidis, president of Mushroom Lovers of Greece, who had the general supervision of the project, referred to "the continuous innovation efforts of the Museum, combining the knowledge and the results of research on mushrooms, with the arts, but also with the modern techniques of projection and presentation".

Finally, the Director of Interactive Light Designs Mr. Th. Randos, who implemented the digital installation, stressed that "it was the first installation of Spatial Augmented Reality that took place in a museum in Greece and it is an honor that it started from an innovative and pioneer museum of the Greek district".