A new collaboration is underway between the Museum and IEK DELTA 360.

The purpose of this collaboration is highlighting the mushroom and truffle products that the Museum has created, through new cooking ways and recipes created by the Gastronomy School of IEK DELTA 360. 

These new recipes are presented in a video series, wherein a comprehensible and understandable way the whole cooking process is shown, as well as the final product. For the preparation of all recipes both the trainers and students of Gastronomy School of the Departments of Ioannina and Patra, participated and they had the chance to realize the possibilities and the variety of options they have in their hands, through the use of mushrooms and their products.

The students of School of Photography of IEK DELTA 360 have undertaken the video and photography production. In this way, they have the chance to live the experience of the production and picture of a cooking event from the very first stages of their studies.

The result of this project will be the creation of useful material for every professional chef and not only!