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Mushroom products in bulk packaging

The Museum, responding to the demands of many catering professionals, has created professional packages for some of its products. These products are of
the same high quality as those of the smaller packages. Upon agreement, professional packages can be made for other products

Nutrition claims: High FiberNo SugarsThe top-quality cultivated Portobello mushroom, in its smoked version. Its full flavor and fleshy texture are com..
Nutrition claims:No SugarsSource of FiberA famous and very popular cultivated mushroom with a crispy flesh and attractive taste, extremely delicious.A..
Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) in oil 1550g
Out Of Stock
Nutrition claims:No SugarsSource of FiberA medicinal mushroom of exceptional quality, with a distinctive aroma, a strong, spicy flavor, and therapeuti..
Pleurotus in oil 1550g
Out Of Stock
Nutrition claims: High FiberNo SugarsA widely known mushroom with a delicate aroma and mild taste, ready for consumption. Its oil can be added to sala..
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