mammals of meteora museum


The collection of mammals consists mainly of animals from Greece and Europe and few that are found in other continents. Nowadays, some of them live in small populations under the risk of extinction and are protected by strict international, EU and Greek legislation.
The animals in the collection of the Museum live in almost all forest, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems (forests, plains, plateaus, alpine zone, etc.), as well as in wetlands. Each of them are presented through dioramas, which are configured to resemble their natural living environment. Guests have the opportunity to be informed about the risks these animals face today and hence sharpen their awareness for the necessity to protect the environment and animals that live in it.

Meet some of the exhibits.

Beech Marten

The Beech marten (Martes foina) can be found in most parts of Europe and Central Asia. It is well adapted...

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Bushbucks (Tragelaphus scriptus) are the most widely spread antelope species in sub-Saharan Africa. It prefers to live in rainy forests,...

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The Raccoon (Phacochoerus africanus) is a medium-sized nocturnal mammal native to North America. The original habitats of the raccoon are...

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