mushroom hunting and picking in Greece

Mushroom Activities

In the contexts of the museum’s initiative, as far as mushrooms are concerned, we suggest certain activities that bring you closer to nature and help you familiarize with the magical and relatively unknown world of mushrooms.


In a distance not very far from the Museum and in a short time, you will have the opportunity to look for, collect and get pictures of mushrooms. You will have the advantage to cook them while fresh in nature and finally taste this very unique and nutritious product, which is generously given by nature to greek mountains and especially to our area.


Mushroom hunting takes place in forests and fields near the Museum with the help of experienced guides and mushroom hunters, making this experience both enjoyable and useful.


You can take mushroom cooking classes, and gustatory experiences either on the mountain or in an excellent restaurant with a great view of Meteora.

Also, we organise seminars, conferences and workshops about mushrooms, where the participants gain basic and practical knowledge on mushrooms and how to find and collect them on the greek mountains.


Finally, in our Museum, with the guidance of experts,  you can create your own sculpted mushroom, a unique souvenir to take with you as a remembrance of your contact with the wonderful world of mushrooms.


For more information about the activities and how we can organize your guided tour, please get contact with us.

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