Chocolates from the future



Eight new handmade chocolates with wild mushrooms from the Mushroom Museum



A new innovative series of handmade chocolates with mushrooms created the Museum of Natural History of Meteora and the Museum of Mushrooms. These eight new chocolates are being launched for the first time in Greece. At the same time, our new chocolates are a world original in terms of mixing various ingredients (olive oil, thyme, citrus, sesame, rosemary, salt, saffron, cannabis, etc.) and their combination with mushrooms.


Mushrooms, like many of their ingredients, are hand-laid on every chocolate, creating a delicious delicacy, dominated by the unique taste and aroma of each type of wild mushroom involved.


Each chocolate contains some kind of top wild mushroom (Volitis, Amanita Caesarean, Kanthariskos, Black Trumpet) or medicinal mushroom (Ganoderma), as well as truffle.
Their enrichment with extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the benefits to the body, also creates chocolates with excellent texture and a finer taste. All ingredients are in perfect proportions, creating unique flavors that can undoubtedly rank them in the next generation of chocolates.


In terms of packaging, our new chocolates come with an excellent package that fully complies with its unique content.

So, if you are a chocolate lover and enjoy wandering into new flavors, then these Museum Chocolates are perfect for you.
Chocolates can be found in selected stores throughout Greece, as well as at the Museum’s online store at