The 1st Panhellenic Truffle Festival in Kalambaka, from 8-11 June 2023, will offer many surprises to its visitors, regardless of their age. 

Great emphasis is placed on fun and creative activities for children. That is why all the days of the Festival, stilt walkers and magicians will offer moments of joy, while balloon constructions and face painting will impress the young visitors. 

There will also be many dance performances by clubs, such as the Trikala Dance Club, and by dance schools, during the event. 

On Friday the well-known band The Teaser's will entertain us, while on Saturday Manitarock will keep us company until late at night with their melodies. 

So, lots of fun and dancing, along with rich truffle and mushroom treats, as well as knowledge, will provide an unforgettable four days.