Support Our Museum


Each museum asks for the active support of its visitors. Each initiative and action produces multiple results when they are supported by a wider group of people.

You can support the actions of our Museum and strengthen its efforts to increase the public awareness on important environmental issues in the following ways.


Friends of the Museum

Anyone can become a member of the museum friends club, as long as he/she shares its objectives and wishes to participate in actions to implement them.

Therefore, those who possess high environmental values and wish for a closer contact with the environment, they can register.

Our programs include visits to important habitats, information events about environmental matters, events, book fairs, etc.

The club sends newsletters regularly, in order to inform members online for everything that might be interesting.

Members have free admission to the Museum, and 15% discount at the shop:

Subscriptions Amount Annually
Individuals 10€
Families 25€
Institutions 50€


Member’s Activities

Friends of the Museum can participate voluntarily in activities such as:

  • Writing articles for the newsletter
  • Designing and implementing events
  • Tours
  • Hosting and guiding schools
  • Educational programs, etc


For details about the sponsoring program please call + 30 2432024959 Mr. Nick Pallas


The objectives of the Museum can be decisively strengthened by exploiting the available skills of volunteers.

For the proper operation of the Museum it is required a constant and reliable availability of volunteers (eg once or twice a week).

If desired, please call + 30 2432024959 and give the required information to contact with you.

Friends of the Museum

The office of the friends club is located:

20 Pindou st, TK 42200, Kalambaka, Greece
Phone: + 30 2432024959