Innovative way of tour guide on the Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum

A new technology application created by the company URBOTOUR, which is located in Trikala, was offered to the Museum.

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum, aiming to offer the fullest possible information to its visitors and in the same time to promote effectively its value kai its messages for the nature, is cooperating with the URBOTOUR company, which offers innovate technological services.
The company has developed a platform for Museum’s exhibits, which is designed using the latest technologies for mobile devices. This is the first time that such a technology is applied to a Greek Museum
This cooperation is aiming to facilitate the Museum’s visitors, who seek easy and immediate access to information. The only requirement is for the visitors to have either a smartphone or a tablet. There is no extra charge for the service.
For the exhibits of the Museum, the proper QR codes were created and the necessary information was added to them. Using a QR reader that the visitor can download for free on her device, she can scan every QR code and read the corresponding informative material for each exhibit, both in Greek and English. It is obvious that there is no need of a special guide anymore.
This is a very easy procedure which in addition offers the visitor the capability of saving the information on her device and read it later, outside of the Museum.
All that was described above is the first stage. There are more to follow. Later, the visitor will be able to read the informative material in more languages, to watch videos and more.
Nikos Pallas, the Museum’s Director stated about that: “We are really proud for this cooperation, not only because we are innovative in the way we provide information but also because we cooperate with a local company that offer such important, modern and specialized applications and services”