Studies & Research

A basic component and key objective of every Museum of Natural History is the research for the recording, study, collection and promotion of the natural wealth of the country.
The impact of human on the environment, in combination with the rational conservation and protection are important areas of research activity.


Important challenges for the development of research activities, are the mountain complexes of the wider area, particularly that of Pindus. The enormous biodiversity, the sensitive ecosystem structure and the especially unique area of mushrooms, compose a huge field of research for the Museum.
The validity of this action is being achieved through partnerships. Universities, scientific institutions, local authorities and particularly mushroom clubs, especially “Mushroom Association of Greece”, are fundamental for the Museum, on which every research effort is based.


The outcomes of these researches, not only provide important information about the environment, but they are also the key component for the development of the educational and publishing activities of the Museum.
Moreover, the Museum collection itself, constitutes a very important field for scientific studies. It also constitutes an  information file for relevant research activities.


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