The natural beauty and the unique environment of the wider region of Meteora provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to perform organized or independent activities that will provide entertainment, relaxation and a deeper connection to the mysterious atmosphere that captivates you.


Meteora offer many and various opportunities for hikers. Among the rocks, but also from their feet up to their peaks, trails are engraved by nature and human. There are books and tourist guides for every path of Meteora.

There are two main paths to reach the six operating monasteries, and the residues of others. The trails are not steep, on the contrary to everyone’s first impression just by seeing the rocks. Previous experience in trekking is helpful.

The most beautiful time for hiking is spring, but the activity can take place during all seasons. Rainy days must be avoided, because rocks become quite slippery.


Guests can experience the hidden treasures of Meteora with mountain bikes having the ability to choose between paths with different degrees of difficulty.

In the area there are professional experts that offer the necessary expertise and equipment.


Climbing is an individual activity with a sense of freedom and confidence. Climbers can climb all rocks apart from those having inhabited monasteries. One hundred rocks and seven hundred trails offer thrills to climbers of all levels. All routes are opened traditionally, from the bottom up and have various degrees of difficulty, from easy to very difficult.

All mountaineering schools across the country provide at least a weekend in the area of Meteora, while in the area, there are instructors for anyone who is interested.

All four seasons are suitable for climbing; however, rain is a prohibitive factor. Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid very hot summer days.


Rappel is called the abseiling of areas using climbing equipment. It’s an easy sport for which you do not need previous experience.

There are experts with full equipment in the area.

This activity takes place throughout the whole year.


In the shadow of the rocks, the river Ionas is flowing (part of Pineios river). Get to know or enjoy one more time the rafting activity within a unique natural landscape. Live a truly unique experience across a distance of about 8km next to the plane tree forest by the river with a view of the rocks of Meteora. The river is suitable for all ages and for beginners, with passages of first and second degree of difficulty.

In the area there is a school with experienced instructors and the necessary equipment available.

This activity takes place from September till June.


The town of Kalambaka is one of the most important national tourist destinations due to the geological peculiarity of the Meteora in combination with the presence of the monasteries.

In the region a wide range of accommodations is offered; like large hotels, small guesthouses, inns and campgrounds. The village Kastraki, located at the foot of the steep slopes of the rocks of Meteora, is an interesting option. To find accommodation in Kalambaka, check HotelsCombined