2nd Annual Mushroom Feast!

The second annual mushroom feasts starts tomorrow!

There will be 3 days about mushrooms that include: mushroom and truffle hunting, mushroom cooking, theatrical plays, various bands, traditional dance show and much more!

Here is the analytical program:

Friday 26/8
Time Event
10:00 Place preparation
14:00 Guests arrival
19:30 Presentation at the Museum of the 1st issue of the magazine «Xenios Thessalos»
19:30 – 21:00 Theatrical play by the theatrical team «Epi Stagon»
21:30 Concert by the local band Losic Muve



Saturday 27/8
Time Event
10:00 Tea beverage offering in the town ‘s square
10:30 Team making– Leaving for the mountain (mushroom hunting, mushroom collecting and photographing, truffle hunting)
13.00 Back to the plaza – Mushroom identification and exhibition
19:00-20:30 Seminar about mushrooms from Mr George Konstantinidis, in chief of the Greek Mushroom Society at «Nitsa Liapi» auditorium of town hall
19:00 Mushroom cooking – free mushroom dishes – Competition for the   best dish with mushrooms
20:45 Welcome from the Museum’s Director, mr Nikos Pallas, the Kalampaka’s Mayor and the Thessaly’s district officer.
21:00 Concert by the Serbian band of mushroom lovers «Belgrade Trio»
22:15 Announcement of the winner of the competition for the best dish with mushrooms.
22:30 Award offer to Mr. G. Konstantinidis for his help to the Museum
22:45 Concert by the band “Manitarock”

Dancing show from the Dancing Club of Trikala


  1. During the feast, the Museum is hosting 3 exhibition
  • Sculpture exhibition of the Fine Arts School of Athens
  • Painting exhibition from local artists
  • Product exhibition of Women Agricultural Cooperations
  1. All the events are free of charge
  2. On Satuday from 10.00 to 18.00 and Sunday from 10.00 to 14.00, every hour there will be free guided tour for the visitors.